The Step By Step Project

The Step By Step Project Team

With every pair of ALOHAS sold, we help create a sustainable world. 

The Step by Step Project is the reason why we are in business. The goal of the Project is to inspire a fun and sustainable lifestyle, taking care of the 3 P: Planet, People and Profit.  The company wants to achieve this goal slowly, once step at a time, and without leaving harmful footprints behind. 

We believe in a better world. In a world where companies do not just look for profit maximisation, but for doing good, based on the idea of the 3P: Planet, People, Profit. We believe that a sustainable way of doing business is possible and we want to encourage you to follow the same path as us.

 For this reason, we are committed to spread this FUN and SUSTAINABLE lifestyle with you, but don’t worry, you don’t have to pay extra for it.  We are not asking you to change your habits, make big changes, or get rid of what you like. We hope you can share our message in inspiring more people’s lifestyles.

With every pair of ALOHAS sold we will use part of the profit to create fun and Sustainable events with the help of different NGOs around the world, about different social concerns, one step at the time.  

For our first Step By Step event, we are glad to confirm that we have partnered with Surf rider Foundation to organise a beach clean up in the Oahu island.  The event will take place to celebrate 5000 Alohas sold.

We are really looking forward  to reaching that goal and celebrating this milestone with you. Once this is over we will find another NGO and country to organize the next Step by Step event, so we can keep inspiring others to live like us, having fun and living sustainable!