In Love With Love Iluka

Alohas are so excited to introduce to you the gem that is Love Iluka. One of our favourite stockists, Love Iluka is our June Stockist of the Month, and we were lucky enough to set up camera and shoot some of this beautiful place for you all!

Love Iluka’s absolutely gorgeous owner and founder, Rachel, has created a unique one of a kind space that is truly easy to get lost in. The products she stocks all hold a little story of their own, and are seldom found anywhere else. Her focus on handcrafted, sustainable products means that every item is top quality and made with the finest materials. Whether beautifully created furniture pieces or fine jewellery, Rachel truly has an eye for creating collections of inspiring pieces that make this beach boutique a rare find.

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Stepping into Love Iluka, the warm, homely vibe extends into the newly opened raw, vegan café The Wholesome Nest, where the vintage inspired space utilising sustainable wood serves up delicious raw treats and healthy options for breakfast and lunch and everywhere in between. Extending past the café and upstairs in this beautiful Edwardian building is a space for healing and serenity in the form of a yoga studio space. Just the stunning natural light extending into the room and painting the beautiful floorboards is enough to send you into a state of serenity. Love Iluka is proud to collaborate with two businesses that promote positivity and healing, and all together promote a space that just does good all round.


Trust us when we say Love Iluka is on the sand. The building backs onto Carrum Beach (15 min north of Frankston) where beautiful sunsets and a sense of clarity is a stunning landscape for the shop and the collaborating café and studio. A feature that deserves a mention is the laneway that extends from the sand on Carrum Beach (15 min north of Frankston) leading into the building. With the recent opening of the café, the Melbourne summer beckons, as a window leading into the laneway will provide a one of a kind takeaway coffee and healthy beach snack service. Pop in after a beach walk, for a coffee and walk away with a unique piece from Love Iluka!


Alohas Sandals are proud to be a great asset to Love Iluka, don’t miss our feature video on the store and visit their website and Instagram.