Alohas Lives Below the Line


 Every day all over the world, 805 million people worldwide don’t have enough to eat. Extreme hunger is the number 1 cause of death in the world, and kills more than HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB combined. Most shockingly, poor nutrition due to poverty causes 3.1 million deaths in children under five each year. That is 8,500 children per day.


This May, the girls here at the Alohas office are proudly taking part in Live Below the Line to raise money and awareness for those far less fortunate than ourselves. 


 We will (drumroll!….) be living on $2.00 a day for five days.


 As someone who thinks spending less than $10.00 on a meal is thrifty, I’m in for a rude shock. Food and I are best friends, and I can happily keep eating all day long (I have done this - I’m ashamed).


 The fact is, I have never experienced poverty, and likely never will. Here in Australia, we are so lucky to live in a country that has world-class education and healthcare systems, and a great standard of living. When I am feeling hungry, I simply go out and buy some food. Unfortunately 1.1 billion people don’t have that same luxury.


 Through their LBL initiative, Oaktree is helping to conquer poverty in the Asia-Pacific region through education and funding, and we are SO EXCITED to be a part of this movement. We’ll be documenting our journey and updating everyone with our favourite recipes and experiences leading up to, and during the LBL (no coffee?! Eeek!). 



 You are able to help us out by donating to us here: No matter how small the donation, you WILL be helping to end the cycle of poverty and making a difference in the world. And of course, please share this with your friends!


 Cate, Tamera, Amanda and Sunny xx