ALOHAS in the UAE!


Recently we teamed up with super awesomely talented Melbourne blogger Jessica Alizzi (@jessalizzi), to create more Aloha adventures with our popular Camel Suedes. And what great timing it was, with Jessica about to jet off to none other than the U A E (can it get more crazy luxurious than the year-round hot, sparkly Abu Dhabi and Dubai!?!) 


A must do is check out her documented adventures on her blog, if anything for incredible lustworthy shots of the colours of these amazing places! Is it just in April or does the sky always look incredible shades of purple and pink at dusk? Not to mention the stunning architecture that dot the skyline. Holiday envy times a thousand.  In her first stop in Abu Dhabi, she visited the World Trade Centre Souk markets where stunning ceramic coloured lanterns hung from the ceiling and home to handmade jewels and trinkets, as Jess said, basically fulfilling all our Arabian Fashion Dreams. A walk around the surrounding beach areas and Marina Mall will have you wondering whether the water is real, it being the bluest of blue you will ever see (apparently the photo doesn't even do it justice!) 

Taking a break from sunning by the pool, Jessica was lusting over the beauty of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. With the brilliant Arabian sun shining through, this place oozes serenity, spirituality and if the images are anything to go by, Abu Dhabi just shot up higher on our list of 'next place to visit'. 

Aptly naming her latest blogpost 'Bethlehem Inspired Sandals', en route to Dubai, Jessica has been nailing the Arabian Fashion Chic look with drapey whites, khaki and our camel latte toned sandals. It seems Alohas were made for the UAE, with Jessica stating she is 'in' with the Arabian fashion, as Bethlehem inspired sandals are worn pretty much everywhere. Go figure! We're thrilled that the camels are serving Jess well in her travels, allowing her to stay comfortable and chic at the same time. After all, they've been her 'Arabic Uniform' throughout! 

And let's face it, it's not a Dubai trip unless there is a visit to the Burj Al Arab (aka seven star hotel). We are honoured to have Alohas walk inside what is considered the world's most luxurious hotel with elevators made entirely of gold, never ending ceilings, and a Japanese restaurant covered in Swarovski crystals - need we say more!? Jessica composed a beautiful shot of our sandals above incredibly beautiful coloured mosaic tiles that captured the essence of her trip into the Burj Al Arab just perfectly. 

She is one talented blogger gal with a great photographic eye, so to read about her incredible adventures in full, visit her blog at and be inspired to eat, shop and walk the incredible cities in the UAE. 

May this inspire many of you to take adventures and let our comfy, chic sandals come for the ride with you! 

Part II of Jessica's Arabian outfit details featuring Alohas to follow soon... !