How to: Hawaiian Luau

There’s nothing like a heady dose of late summer weekend weather to inspire a dreamy party idea.

Inspired theme: Hawaiian Luau.

Hawaiians love spreading the aloha spirit and luau’s have become synonymous with Hawaiian culture. A Luau is a traditional Hawaiian party or feast that is usually accompanied by entertainment, food, traditional Hawaiian music and food.

We’ve done a bit of Aloha research and compiled a short guide on how to throw a party full of island inspired authenticity!

DO's and DON'Ts 

Don’t: Grill in a grass skirt

 Do: Don an island print apron. Look for pinafore styles with mix and match tops and flounces.

 Don’t: Limbo - apparently not a traditional Luau activity. Originated in Trinidad!

 Do: Line serving platters with large leaves, like banana or palm. Whip up a tasteful floral combo that mixes island blooms, fruits and foliage

 Don’t: Limbo - apparently not a traditional Luau activity. Originated in Trinidad!

 Do: Ask a talented friend to hold a hula lesson


What to wear? 

 Fabric: Garments made of fabrics woven from cotton, silk rayon or a blend.

 Design: Seek clean lines and detailed motifs: Iconic prints include canoe and surfing themes.

Ladies, take inspiration from traditional Tahitian pareos, featuring white flowers on red or navy backgrounds.

 Fit: Look for a body-conscious fit in shirts and dresses -- despite the cliché, a mu'umu'u should hug a woman's curves (the modern version of a mu’umu’u is basically a hippie chic maxi dress). And say yes to coordinating his-and-hers sets!

Don't worry, the modern-day mu'umu'u's are much more friendly on the eyes. Here's some inspiration: 

Go like Nicole Ritchie... or ala the girls from SATC... 

The Soundtrack


An authentic soundtrack -- replete with ukuleles, marimbas and… Elvis -- means instant island atmosphere.

 Vintage: Channel 1950s and '60s Americana. Read: Elvis Presley: Take inspiration from classic movies Blue Hawaii and Paradise. They were filmed at famous Hawaiian locations that no longer exist.

 Mellow: Apparently the exotica genre is what you hear when you think of all things tiki. Hawaiian Sunset, Volumes I and II, by vibraphonist Arthur Lyman -- one of exotica's pioneers -- to give that dreamy Hawaiian feel.

 Modern: Modern Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakawiw'ole is most famous on the mainland for his ukulele-kissed version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.


The Menu

Hawaiian Hula Pork Fajitas with Pineapple Slaw + Coconut Rice 

 There are endless recipes for you to feast your eyes on through Pinterest, Instagram, but we are salivating over these pork fajitas we sourced online. Traditional or not, they look incredible and are sure to entice anyone with an appetite.

(Okay, so they're a very Melbourne take on Luau food, but we did say inspired by Hawaii)  

 The recipe for these amazing Pork Fajitas courtesy of Half Baked Harvest here 


Oh hey there, Elvis!