Why not SHOP ethical and sustainable this holiday season?


With December nearing, Christmas seems like it's right around the corner and retailers are preparing for the Christmas trading season by stocking up on products. Early birds are flocking to the shopping centres to get their Christmas shopping done early. 


We often get too caught up in spending money on numerous family members at Christmas time that we forget that it’s the thought that counts. A Newspoll survey of 1200 Australians found more than half of respondents did not use the presents they received for Christmas. What an enormous amount of wasted money!


At Alohas, we think that the perfect gift is one that is sustainably manufactured and benefits the people and planet. Here’s how we promote sustainability:


No boxes are used in Alohas packaging. Being 3x as durable as regular flip flops, you won’t be repurchasing shoes as often. What’s more, Alohas are made form recycled car tires.


Alohas Australia aims to create an event in partnership with a non-profit organization to give back to the local community.


We ensure ethical manufacturing of Alohas in conjunction with fair wage and excellent working conditions.


So, whether you do your holiday shopping online or in store, look out for products that promote sustainability and social justice. You'll not only feel better about where your money is going but you'll be proud to wear your purchase as well!