Coming Soon to Australia!


Alohas Launch in Australia


Aloha! We are thrilled to announce the introduction of Alohas Sandals to our Australian shores. So, let’s give you a brief history on the Alohas sandal and what makes it so special.

For those of you at home, these sandals have their roots entrenched in the shores of Spain (Ole!). Situated amongst the Balearic Islands lies an island called Menorca where it’s inhabitants traditionally sported the handcrafted sandal due to its durability and adaptability to the landscape.


Here comes in the refurbished sandal, properly named Alohas! Aloha in the Hawaiian language means affection, peace, compassion and mercy. Because of this, our sandals have become synonymous with giving back to those in need and lessening our footprint on the environment.


Just in time for summer, Alohas sandals are available in a range of colours, in leather or suede. Now if that’s not temptation enough, these sandals are made with the highest quality leather + recycled car tires for the sole, for the sustainably inclined.


Hit the beach (or the streets), grab your sunnies and don’t forget your Alohas!


Available now for pre-order and available for shipping in early November 2014.